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Welcome to My Gardening Shop, your number one source of information for gardening guidance and troubleshooting recommendations, planting quick points, and in-depth evaluations of our favorite products and must-haves, regardless of whether you're trying to dig the soil in a tiny area, planting cartons inside, or managing trees and rows of seasonal vegetables in a broader parcel of land.

My Gardening Shop was established in 2022 to provide high-quality, high-value information to enthusiasts of specialized interests. These enthusiasts are people who have committed in time and place to study about and practice their profession and express their creative ideas.

Our goal is to broaden people's understanding and enjoyment of gardening activities that involve getting their hands dirty.

We produce premium, high-quality content and product experiences that enhance our connection with our consumers, drive engagement across various media forms and provide advertisers novel ways to interact with enthusiasts and experts in the categories we serve.

Our mission is to provide you with the most helpful information possible on gardening, covering a wide range of topics such as how-tos for novices as well as more experienced gardeners with a green thumb, in-depth guides to help you learn more about building your soil and planting for specific conditions such as shade or direct sun, and troubleshooting tips for dealing with plant diseases and pests.

We focus on fields of interest where there is a significant body of high-quality material to be shared and where the enthusiast may find pleasure both in the process and with the final product.

Inspiring, teaching, and connecting passionate makers across the internet, social media, video, audio, and experiential platforms are made possible by our value-driven culture and unwavering focus on quality, contributing to the company's evolution into a dynamic and expanding digital media business.

Helping individuals grow better at what interests them the most enables creative people to lead more meaningful, connected, and purposeful lives.

In addition, we provide in-depth coverage of certain types of plants, such as annuals and perennials, edibles and ornamentals, evergreens and blossoming blooms, shrubs, trees, and everything in between cater for your particular requirements and pursuits.

You are the target audience for this website if:

  • You have an interest in cultivating your own food.
  • You have houseplants, and you want to stop killing them.
  • You want to protect your garden from insects, infections, and other concerns.
  • You are interested in learning innovative gardening techniques such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and similar methods.

At My Gardening Shop, we combine scientific research findings with observations made in the natural world and then provide that information at your fingertips.

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